Display your Linkedin profile on your blog or website

I tried to put my public Linkedin profile in the “About” section of my blog. After reading various tutorials, I realized that none were made for statically displaying a specific profile. Here is a simple solution, a small piece of code that you can directly put in your WordPress page or post editor.

1 – Get a Linkedin API key

First, get an Linkedin API key. You can find out how to do that in the chapter 2 of this page.

2 – Retrieve the Data ID

Each Linkedin profile is identified by various ID. The one that interested us now is the Data ID. I wrote a small code to help you getting it. Be sure you are signed in Linkedin and just push the button !

3 – Use this code

If you want to use this code on your WordPress blog, you can directly copy/paste in in the text editor of your post or page. Be sure to edit in “Text” and not in “Visual” (more info). If you are a developer and need it for your website, the proper way should be to but the Linkedin API loader in the header of your page and the rest in the body.



If the visitor is connected to his/her Linkedin account, this code works perfectly fine. But if the visitor is not logged in, it will display very few information on your the Linkedin profile and show a button to connect in Linkedin. I guess this is a choice of Linkedin, to attract more people.

You can try to see the difference by connecting/disconnecting from your Linkedin profile and refresh this page: when you are connected, the profile is fully displayed, when you are not connected, it will only display the basic information and show you a button to connect.

Personally, I don’t like this feature, so I choose to use a plugin instead of coding myself (WP Linkedin) but the simple code described above may be useful for other uses.

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Display your Linkedin profile on your blog or website

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