Handmade picture gallery: #slideshow

Example of a picture gallery

Example of a slideshow picture gallery

Slideshows are a very common picture gallery type. Unfortunately I did not manage to find a simple and highly editable slideshow on the web, so I developed my own in few days. I publish it here, feel free to modify and customize it, it’s made for !
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Jetpack contact forms: remove the empty lines

Jetpack contact forms with empty lines

Empty lines appeared between the labels and the fields

On a WordPress blog, when using the Jetpack contact forms ([contact-form] tag), you may see some useless empty lines. To work around this behavior, edit the CSS (Dashboard > Appearance > Edit CSS) and add this code:

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Display your Linkedin profile on your blog or website

I tried to put my public Linkedin profile in the “About” section of my blog. After reading various tutorials, I realized that none were made for statically displaying a specific profile. Here is a simple solution, a small piece of code that you can directly put in your WordPress page or post editor.

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Hello world!

As a first post I couldn’t miss the classic “Hello world!”. So, hello everybody, I hope you will like my posts!

I wanted to start this blog for two reasons. First, to publish some tips, mainly about programming. Each time I achieved somethings during my projects, I thought it should be a good idea to share it with other people getting the same issues. On a second hand, as an independent worker, I wanted to have some visibility on the web.

So make yourself comfortable and enjoy your visit of this blog!

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