[Unity3D] Make a Coroutine synchronous

Unity3D coroutine synchronous

In Unity3D, Coroutine is a great tool to make parallel scripts in a safe way. However, in certain cases you may need to execute a Coroutine synchronously, and Unity does not offer any method out of the box to do so.

Here is a small code snippet you can use in C#:

If you prefer you can put the static method in a class you already have.

You can use it exactly like StartCoroutine, from anywhere in your code:

The call will block the rest of your code until the coroutine is finished.

Please let me know in comments if you find this code useful and/or if you have other Coroutine tricks!

[EDIT 28-07-2017] Add handling for InvalidCastException.

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[Unity3D] Make a Coroutine synchronous

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