Jetpack contact forms: remove the empty lines

Jetpack contact forms with empty lines

Empty lines appeared between the labels and the fields

On a WordPress blog, when using the Jetpack contact forms ([contact-form] tag), you may see some useless empty lines. To work around this behavior, edit the CSS (Dashboard > Appearance > Edit CSS) and add this code:

Technical explanation

I checked in the HTML code of the result and found out a small “<br>” generated between each “<label>” and “<input>”. Why is it here ? I don’t know, maybe one day I will ask the Jetpack developers.

First, I tried to edit the CSS properties of the “grunion-field-label” class. Unfortunately, the changes are interpreted before the CSS file of Jetpack (called “grunion.css”), so they are not considered. The workaround I used was pretty simple: instead of focusing on the label, I make the “<br>” disappear.

As long as the CSS class of the form will be “contact-form”, this small trick will work.

Now the empty lines have disappeared!

Now the empty lines have disappeared!

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Jetpack contact forms: remove the empty lines

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