Interactive Comic: “Et SI…”

“Et SI…” is an interactive comic born in 48h, during the hackathon “BD numérique” 2014 at “Labo de l’édition” (Paris, France). We were a team of 4 people (see below) and we used the Hype software by Tumult to achieve the project. We inserted javascript hacks to allow smooth page change, keyboard control and some other features.

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To go from a page to an other in this interactive comic:
– If you have a touch screen: swipe the screen with your finger
– If you have a keyboard: use the arrows “left” and “right” on your keyboard
Sometimes you have choices to make inside the story. Just click or touch the speech bubble that you prefer.

More about this interactive comic

As you can see, most of the graphics are just doodles because of the lack of time. We chose to publish the work “as is” to show what we were able to do in 48h. It also remains one bug: with some web browser, the text inside the speech bubble is too big.

Want to know more ? This project is open source (see license below) so you can get it and modify it as long as you tell that we are the original authors. All the files can be downloaded here:


The “Et SI…” interactive comic Hype file (and the Javascript code included in it) is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.
The drawings and the story are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International.


– Developer: Nicolas Form (Blog:
– Animator: Benoit Tariel
– Illustrator: Carla Sofia (Blog:
– Author: Nadir Aberkane

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Interactive Comic: “Et SI…”

by Nicolas Form time to read: 2 min