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About this theater company website project

This website was 100% made by hand. No CMS (WordPress, Drupal,…) used. I did it for a theater company in Paris called “La Compagnie GLOUP !”. They present artistic shows for children, mixing theater, dance and songs. I also wrote the plot of their first play.


Picture Gallery

Photo gallery

None of the picture galleries I found on the web satisfied me. So I made my own gallery. It displays each picture at a fixed rate. If the user clicks on a specific picture: the sequence pause and the clicked photo is shown. You can show a detailed article about this feature in this blog post.

Facebook feed


A simple Facebook feed inside the theater company website. The feed updates itself each time a new item is posted on the Facebook page of the company.

Mosaic of faces

Mosaic of faces

This is a mosaic showing the company team. When clicking on somebody, a short text is displayed. The text box move itself along the mosaic to stay at the level of the clicked picture.

Donate button (Paypal)


A Paypal button which allows to get donations from the visitors.

Contact form

Contact form

A form to send a message to the company. Messages completed through this form will arrive as a mail to a specified address.

Newsletter (Mailchimp)


A small form linked to the Mailchimp tool. It allows to manage a list of subscribers. With this list, you can organize mail campaigns. The company use it to stay in touch with its fans.


This theater company website works with:

  • IE 9 and above
  • Firefox 18 and above
  • Chrome 16 and above
  • Safari 5.1 and above
  • It also offers an alternative version with less features for IE 8.

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Theater company website

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